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With new funding we received in 2012 we made the decision to restart our 2nd Tuesday of the month meals. With a bit of a twist though and for the most part, to have seminars for our participants along with the luncheon. On this page you will find a few samples of our Tuesday "Lunch & Learns".

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Rosar-Morrison Funeral Home Seminar This seminar came full of information for everyone. How to plan ahead, make decisions, make things easier for those we leave behind. Everyone there also got a free kit from the seminar sponsor (Rosar Morrison Funeral Home) and a free pill case. And from us they got a free Power of Attorney kit compliments of our local MPP Glen Murray

Alzheimers Seminar This seminar was very informative. Spoken about was Alzheimers itself, dementia and everyday forgetfulness. A wonderful lady from the Alzheimers Society came to give the seminar. This was arranged by Creating Caring Communities a division of Hospice Toronto. They are a great help to us.

Wellness Day This seminar was a joy for everyone. Our "Wellness Day". We had manicures, facials and were taught relaxation exercises to get us through the day. Many of our residents/clients have never had a facial or manicure so this was a big treat for them. This was brought to us through Hospice Toronto's Creating Caring Communities program.

Self Defense Class! This was at times extremely informative and hilarious too. This 5 hour seminar took us through a lot including how to hit and run, how to avoid confrontation, prevention, etc.

Financial Fitness This seminar taught us a lot. Interesting things and things to keep us all on the straight and narrow like how to avoid bankruptcy, how to make a budget, fraud prevention, etc.


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