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We have had some special events over time. Every year we have an annual BBQ in August. Another year we had a huge fundraiser in the winter another year we had a bake sale.

View pictures here:

Holiday Basket Fundraiser

Bake Sale

One of our BBQ's

BBQ with new Sponsor

Christmas Luncheon/Dinner 2010

Community Resource/Information Day

BBQ with our newest sponsor

Christmas Luncheon/Dinner 2011

Our Senior Social February 23rd, 2012 pictures

Our 2012 Annual BBQ Pictures

Our 2012 Thanksgiving Luncheon Pictures

Our 2012 Christmas Luncheon Pictures

Our 2013 Annual BBQ Pictures

More of the BBQ

and the last of the 2013 Annual BBQ Pictures

Pets with Santa Fund Raiser

Our 2013 Christmas Luncheon Pictures

Lunch with our local MPP Glen Murray


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