Community Outreach

We at the Bleecker/Wellesley Activity Network help create a happier, healthier environment for the seniors and disabled.  We service a low income community in downtown Toronto, Ontario by offering hot healthy meals, birthday celebrations, computer usage, seminars, holiday events, free phone (Canada & US), fresh produce project, access to agencies, and other activities to help them reach out and break the isolation factor that is so prevelant in our present day society.

If you have feedback or wish to support our program please contact us through our Contact Page. Thank you.

Please note, all the work we do is done on a volunteer basis. We are sorry but there are no paid postions available however feel free to fill out the volunteer form on our site and we'll gladly get back to you. We are affiliated with Ontario Works (for O.W. & O.D.S.P. recipients) Volunteer Transportation Stipend Program.